Training and certification by the Contract Academy?

In contract management, "knowledge" is the decisive variable. Success requires employees to act correctly at the correct time. Our training therefore focuses on different levels of contract management and imparts specific knowledge tailored to the desired function.

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What qualifications does the Contract Academy offer?

Contract and claims management performs when employees in different disciplines work together. Not every employee will create a claim or negotiate with the customer. For example, planning staff should know how contracts can be used to protect their own interests when a  client wants to alter the contract. Our training concept therefore focuses on three qualification levels.


Target Group: Project Team

Base Program

Principal Contract Manager

Engineering, Fabrication, Construction

  • Identify Claims opportunities
  • Inform the PM Team
  • Knowing workflows

Target Group: Project Management Team

Claim Program

Master Contract Manager


Contract Management in Projects

  • Formal correspondence
  • Establish evidence
  • Produce Claims Documents
  • Defend Claims

Target Group: Contract Administrator

Contract Program

Professional Contract Manager


Leading Contract-Management

  • Defining Workflows
  • Training of employees,
  • Internal Support
  • Reviewing Contracts




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Principal Contract-Manager


As a Principal Contract Manager, you know the basics of contract management. To do this, you will complete the lessons of the Basics module. After successfully completing all the exams at the end of each lesson in the Basics module, you will have passed the course.

The basics of contract management form the basis for the contents of the further modules and the next qualification level, the Master Contract Manager.


 Principal Contract Manager:

 • Scope: 18 lessons
 • Duration: 11 hours

• Basic understanding of contracts and their structure.
• Basics of international treaties.
• Early recognition of entitlement opportunities.
The training to become a Principal Contract Manager includes the basics of contract management and is suitable for all employees who work on projects. The aim is to identify relevant issues and to communicate early on within your own organization.

Learn more about training as a Principle Contract Manager

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Master Contract-Manager

Training as a Master Contract Manager, you will learn all the essential elements of contract and claims management. These include the lessons of the following modules:

  • Basics (previously completed with Principal Contract Manager training)
  • Claims, verifications, communication
  • Assess changes

The lessons of the above modules also contain a test at the end of the course. You will receive the Master Contract Manager status certificate following a sucessful exam result.

 Master Contract Manager:

 • Scope: 32 lessons
 • Duration: 14 hours

• Dealing with defects, deviations and claims.
• Filing claims and claims.
• Preparation of evidence and formal correspondence.
• Basic procedure for deviations from the contract
• Assess changes and compensation
The Master Contract Manager training is suitable for all employees who deal with commercial topics in projects, such as the project manager, controller, commercial manager or contract manager. The main thing is to take the right steps and to conduct formal correspondence to secure claims.

Learn more about training as a Master Contract Manager

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Professional Contract-Manager

Following the Professional Contract Manager course, you will have demonstrated that you can successfully process and resolve a case and also have the knowledge of how to organize and manage contract and claims management in a company. The modules in the course include:

  • Basics (previously completed with Principal Contract Manager training)
  • Claims, verification, communication (previously completed with Master Contract Manager training)
  • Assess changes (previously completed with Master Contract Manager training)
  • Claims management
  • Contract management
  • Contracts

After completing the online exams, you can request an example case prepared by the Contract Academy, which you then complete in writing as if it were a real case from practice.

You send the claim document you created as an attachment to the named e-mail address.

Qualified employees of the Contract Academy then analyze your document and evaluate the result. If the case has been successfully presented, you will then receive the corresponding certificate proving the Professional Contract Manager qualification.

 Professional Contract Manager:

 • Scope: 35 lessons
 • Duration: 19 hours

• Change management in projects and companies.
• Carry out contract and risk analyzes.
• Procedure in the event of suspension, acceleration and delays in deadlines
• Creation of claim documents
• Organization of contract management in a company.
• Project controlling to identify deviations.
• Knowledge of the common model contracts.
The Professional Contract Manager training is suitable for all employees who are responsible for contract management in a company. Competencies include contract review, contract controlling, knowledge of the essential model contracts and successful strategies in the event of contract disruptions.


Learn more about training as a Professional Contract Manager

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Online training in a dialog

We offer different models for online training. The standard is independent learning. The lessons are worked through completely on one's own without time constraints. This concept is suitable for all individual participants. Participants can discuss topics with the Contract Academy via the integrated chat function. This is the usual procedure available to members.

Blended learning: regular dialog

Blended learning is a form of training that combines traditional teaching methods with digital learning. There is a time limit for working through individual lessons, e.g. 3 lessons within 14 days. Afterwards, a joure-fixe is arranged to recap and deepen topics of the lessons worked on.

This joure-fixe is then done via an online communication tool. Experience shows that such a method is very suitable for companies and leads to a much better consolidation of know-how than is the case with traditional methods.

We charge a flat fee for joure-fixe appointments. Contact us, we will be happy to submit you an attractive offer.

Coaching: Permanent contact person

The coaching concept also requires you to work through the lessons on your own. However, "stand-by" support is provided, allowing participants to discuss content with Contract Academy experts at any time. This is particularly suitable for the targeted training of individual employees in order to prepare them for taking on tasks in contract and claims management within a short period of time.

Additional costs are incurred for this intensive support, depending on the individual case. Contact us and we will be happy to make you an attractive offer.

Do you have any questions about the concepts? We will be happy to explain the advantages of each model to you.

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Do you have any questions regarding the exams?

In this presentation, you will learn how to complete the exams at the Contract Academy.

An introduction to the exams