Classroom seminars

Online learning has many advantages. Our seminars are based on many years of practical experience. That is how we have reached a high level of competence, which the participants regularly endorse. We regularly discuss the focus of the courses with the participants , so that the content optimally meets the interests of your company.

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Competence seminars

In our competence seminars, we have summarized the main topics in a compact way. Competence seminars convey the basic knowledge from the seminar modules and are essentially conceived as lectures in which knowledge is conveyed in a concentrated manner.

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Our workshops are designed to put the theory into practice. We have a large number of our own examples, but we are also happy to take specific cases from your practice. These workshops are of special benefit for in-house workshops. This is an effective way to train the participants in order for them to utilize the training directly to the workplace.

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In-house Seminars

Are you interested in arranging an in-house seminar? We are happy to come to you. We can advise on the selection of content. We have experience in many industries and look forward to hearing from you. The consultation is of course free of charge, and you will receive a binding offer on request.

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Coaching is a form of consulting that is specifically geared towards managers with management responsibilities. The coach is a neutral consultant whose goal is to support the Client enabling him to develop suitable measures.

Coaching is particularly suitable for projects where employees are required to apply a new methodology in parallel with their normal work. Often, many questions arise at the beginning when implementing new processes. The coach is there to help your staff over the first hurdles.

Projects in areas that are not yet part of the core competence of your employees' work offer the opportunity to conquer more than just a new area or to realize a new problem solution in "Training on the Job".

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What do our clients say?

We are proud that our customers are all enthusiastic about the seminars. It certainly plays a role that we ourselves come from practice and can therefore combine theory with practice. We not only impart theoretical knowledge, but also show how the methods and tools can be used in your daily work.

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