Professional Contract Manager


To be responsible for contract management in an organisation.

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Who does the Professional Contract Manager make sense for?

The Professional Manager makes sense for all employees who are responsible for contract and claims management in a managerial position in a team. Common tasks include developing strategies for claims and disputes, developing company-wide contract and claims management processes, and training employees.

What are the competencies of the Professional Contract Manager have?

As a Professional Contract Manager, you have proven that you are able to analyse and prepare a case independently. In addition, you are familiar with the topics of controlling and organization regarding claims management, in oder that you can manage these topics in a Company.

How is the Grade Professional Contract Manager obtained?

The Master Contract Manager qualification is a prerequisite of obtaining this qualification, as well as completing the following modules:

  • basics
  • Claim, verification, communication
  • Assess changes
  • Claims management
  • Contract management
  • Framework and model contracts

Following the successful online examination questions, you can then request an example case prepared by the Contract Academy, which must be completed and returned for evaluation. 

Written final examination for the Professional Contract Manager 

Following the sucessful completion of the online examinations, a written test report is required. For this purpose, you are presented with documents for a typical case, which must be analysed and processed as if it were a real case from practice.

You will then return the report as an attachment to the named e-mail address within 14 days. Qualified employees of the Contract Academy then analyse your work and evaluate the result. If the case has been successfully presented, you will then receive the appropriate certificate.

Note this written examination report is subject to a fee of 100,-€ incl. VAT, which will be charged at the time of application.

What time is required to become a Professional Contract Manager?

The module consists of 35 lessons, with a total duration of approx. 19 hours. Each lesson contains an exam, in which the content of the lesson is queried. Each question is limited in time. The duration of these individual exams is around 7 minutes per lesson. When you take the lessons and the exams is up to you, so that you can determine the time it takes to achieve the degree yourself. 

The final written test is carried out, as soon as the online-tests are finalized. This final written tests shall be submitted within 14 days after the application. 

What are the cost to become a Professional Contract Manager?

All that is required for certification is to pass the relevant exams. There is no obligation to book the learning content of the Contract Academy (Base Program, Claim Program or Contract Program). The price for the online exam is € 650 including VAT and includes access for 1 year to all tests for the desired certification. The prerequisite is the successful completion of the qualifications Principal Contract Manager and Master Contract Manager. (Not part of this training level and the price). After passing all online exams, you can apply for a written test for a fee of € 100.

You may purchase an extension of access at a low price of € 50 per year.

 If the combined training to become a Professional Contract Manager is chosen together with the Principle Contract Manager and the Master Contract Manager, you will receive a lower price than with the individual booking. 

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