Master Contract Manager


Prepare evidence, formal correspondence, and manage claims.

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Who does the Master Contract Manager make sense for?

The Master Contract Manager makes sense for all employees who are responsible for contract and claims management in a team. Usually these are project managers, controllers, commercial employees and their superiors.

The Master Contract Manager is also a prerequisite for training to become a Professional Contract Manager. 

What are competencies of the Master Contract Manager?

As a Master Contract Manager, you learn all the essential elements of contract and claims management. This allows you to work a case independently and also to guide the project team. You recognize a potential claim and know what evidence and documentation is required. Employees in a project can identify a claim, but the Master Contract Manager can make the correct decisions on how to proceed. 

How is the Master Contract Manager obtained?

After successfully passing the following modules, you can reach the master contract manager level:

  1. Basics (Principal Contract Manager )
  2. Claims, verification, communication
  3. Assess changes

The above lessons also include a exam that assesses the knowledge gained from each lesson. You will receive the Master Contract Manager status once you have completed the exams in these lessons.

As a Master Contract Manager, you now have the opportunity to register for the Professional Contract Manager qualification.

What time is required to become a Master Contract Manager?

The module consists of 32 lessons, with a total duration of approx. 11 hours. Each lesson contains an exam, in which the content of the lesson is queried. Each question is limited in time. The duration of these individual exams is around 7 minutes per lesson. When you take the lessons and the exams is up to you, so that you can determine the time it takes to achieve the degree yourself.

What are the cost to become a Master Contract Manager?

All that is required for certification is to pass the relevant exams. There is no obligation to book the learning content of the Contract Academy (Base Program, Claim Program or Contract Program). The price for the exam is € 650 including VAT and includes access for 1 year to all tests for the desired certification.

After this period, the extension of access can be purchased at a low price of € 50 per year.

The prerequisite is the successful completion of the Principal Contract Manager qualification (not part of this training level and the price). You are welcome to choose the combined training together with the Principal Contract Manager at a discounted rate.

After this period, the extension of access can be purchased at a low price of € 50 per year.

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