Compact seminars

Compact seminars deal with a central topic and focus on the most important elements in order to convey a basic understanding. This series of seminars is used to transfer knowledge, without the need of examinations or certificates.

Important basic knowledge for the project team

Compact seminars are based on the certification courses and include basic content from the lessons. Compact means that a basic understanding of the topic is conveyed in order to be able to recognize and implement connections. This series of seminars is used to transfer knowledge, without the need for examinations or certificates.

Compact seminars are suitable for all project employees in order to get involved in contract and claims management. 

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Overview of the compact seminars

7.1 Basics for contracts 38 Pages 86 Minutes

Essential contents on the conclusion of contracts, the structure and the interpretation of contracts are explained.

7.2 Analysing claims  25 Pages 63 Minutes

This lesson explains the different types of claims and the respective basis for compensation. This knowledge may be used to enable the defense of unjustified claims or to minimise costs for unjustified cost elements.

7.3 Customer caused Delays 35 Pages 83 Minutes

In the event of a delay, where the customer is responsible for, this seminar explains the steps that should be taken, to secure one's own entitlement for compensation. 

7.4 Delays and Acceleration  29 Pages 76 Minutes

Acceleration is often a result of a delay and requires that different aspects be taken into account, both in the contract and in the implementation of  acceleration measure.

7.5 Claims and alterations to the contract 37 Pages 73 Minutes

What are the basic steps and requirements for creating a document to enforce a claim to adjust costs or deadlines.



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