Compact Courses

Compact seminars are based on the certification courses and include basic content from the lessons. Compact means that a basic understanding of the subject is conveyed, in order to be able to recognize context and implement measures. This series of seminars serves to impart knowledge, without exams and certificates. Compact seminars are suitable for all project employees to get into the subject of contract and claims management. Access to the compact seminars is included in the courses for Master Contract Manager and Professional Contract Manager in the package.


Basic Contract Knowledge

38 Pages

86 Minutes


This compact seminar imparts basic knowledge of contracts, from the offer to the drafting of contracts. It explains the basic structure of a contract and the difference between continental and Anglo-American legal systems.


Defending Claims

25 Pages

63 Minutes


Additional demands mean that more is to be done or delivered than planned. Projects are based on a calculated offer. If the contractor is confronted with additional demands, this additional and unplanned effort leads to a reduction in profit or loss. This compact seminar explains the basic types of claims and considers the respective claim basis, in order to then address the possible defense against unjustified claims or at least the reduction of a claim.


Owner caused Delay

35 Pages

83 Minutes


Delayed deadlines is the most common disruption in projects. It mostly affects the contractor, who is threatened with contractual penalties in the event of default. Experience shows that the default of the contractor is often caused by the lack of cooperation on the part of the customer. This compact seminar is dedicated to the basic procedure to secure your own rights and claims in the event of a delay caused by the customer.


Acceleration Measures in a Project

29 Pages

76 Minutes


The more complex a project or work is, the more likely it is to be delayed. The client then wants an acceleration so that the originally planned completion dates can be met as far as possible. Contracts then enable the customer to order an accelerated completion. This compact seminar deals with aspects that have to be considered both in the contracts and when implementing an acceleration measure.


Establishing Claims & Change Order Documents

37 Pages

73 Minutes


Changes in a project are the norm. The reason can be a planned change (change order, supplement) or an unplanned change (claim). Changes regularly have an impact on costs and time. Both of these are limited resources in a project that are regularly debated. A structured and comprehensible presentation of the change reduces resistance on the other side and leads to a better result. This compact seminar conveys the basic steps and requirements to create a document that is intended to enforce a claim for adjustment of costs and deadlines.

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