How does the Contract Academy work?

The Contract Academy offers both, an interactive learning concept in which animated presentations are explained by a speaker, as well as the option of just reading the manuscript or listening to it as a podcast on the go.

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How do I get access to the Contract Academy?

Select the desired contract in the registration area. By entering your user and billing data, you can register and gain access to the Contract Academy. We would be happy to make an individual offer for companies and organizations that want access for several participants.

After successful registration, you will find access to the Contract Academy under the menu item <Academy>, instead of the previous entry <Login>. After clicking on the menu item <Academy> you will be directed to the start page in the internal area.

The home page shows you the current lesson you are working on or the next lesson if you have successfully completed the previous one. The homepage also provides information about personal messages or general information from the Contract Academy on new lessons, changes and additions.

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Learning with the Contract Academy

The Contract Academy offers both an interactive learning concept in which animated presentations are explained by a speaker, as well as the possibility of just reading the respective manuscript.

To do this, we use tools that are state-of-the-art in learning research. You will find accompanying documents, forms and checklists ready to download for the lessons, which will support you in your daily work.

You can also use the lesson on the go, in the train, in the car or while traveling. The own app enables the selected lessons to be used offline on mobile devices. The audio texts are designed in such a way that the lessons clearly convey the content as a podcast without visual support.

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How are the lessons structured?

You can find the audio-supported lesson on the home page of each lesson. These are slides with an animated presentation, with the content being explained by a speaker.

This is comparable to a lecture, but has one decisive advantage: it can be repeated, interrupted and continued at any time. The next time you enroll, you'll be able to pick up the course where you left off.

The integrated control enables fast-forwarding, pausing, changing the screen size and selecting the desired slide from the respective course.


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How can the Contract Academy be used?

In the internal area of the Contract Academy you will find the <KNOWLEDGE> tab. Behind this is a smart search function to find topics and terms, but also documents, forms and checklists.

Enter a term in the search box. The overview shows you all the lessons in which the term appears. Or you are looking for documents, checklists and documents that will be displayed as accompanying material in the Contract Academy.

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